The 100 season 5 episode 6 preview: Exit Wounds


Last week’s episode of The 100 ended with the possibility of a truce between Eligius and Wonkru. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Octavia is eager to pave the way toward a more peaceful world.

During “Shifting Sands,” viewers finally see a different side to Charmaine Diyoza. As she meets with Kane to discuss the possibility of peace negotiations between their people, she reveals her true values. And they’re more rooted in loyalty and respect than we might have guessed.

The preview for this week’s episode, however, shows that a truce between Eligius and Wonkru is still out of reach. Although Diyoza is prepared to share the valley, it doesn’t appear that Octavia shares the sentiment. You can watch the full promo for “Exit Wounds” here:

Octavia’s questionable decisions may undermine her leadership.

The preview for “Exit Wounds” opens with Diyoza offering peace over a radio transmission. We  knew from the previous episode that this would happen, but fans probably weren’t prepared for Octavia’s follow up statement: “Shoot anyone who tries to defect.”

Each episode of the fifth season shows Octavia becoming a darker character, but to kill anyone hoping for peace is shocking even for her. And just to prove she’s serious about this statement, we later get a glimpse of Kara Cooper aiming a sniper rifle at Wonkru members running in the opposite direction.

The trailer then flashes to Clarke holding a knife to Gaia’s throat. This could be an attempt to undermine Octavia and make peace. But given Gaia’s status as Flame Keeper, the clip could also have something to do with Madi. Even though Gaia has pledged allegiance to Wonkru, we don’t know how she’ll react to discovering another Nightblood.

The clip after this shows Octavia attacking her brother. We knew things would be tense between them, especially after the ending of “Shifting Sands.” But it doesn’t seem that Octavia’s threat has swayed Bellamy to keep his mouth shut. “You murdered your people,” he tells her in the promo.

Despite her insistence that she has merely “executed traitors,” it’s difficult to accept that she genuinely believes this. The old Octavia would have agreed with Bellamy’s words. Have the years underground truly hardened her this much?

The promo ends with a truthful but dangerous statement from echo: “Only a fool fights a war they can’t win.” She certainly isn’t wrong, but to say such a thing at the foot of Octavia’s throne may prove Echo a fool as well. Octavia’s expression says it all.

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We’ll have to watch the episode to find out if Octavia can be reasoned with. “Exit Wounds” airs on The CW on Tuesday, June 5.