Man discovers newborn kittens under bed, becomes proud #CatDad


When a director from London, Paris Zarcilla, found a litter of kittens under his bed — he proceeded to be shocked, surprised, but ultimately, in love with his new furry family.

Earlier today, a director from London named Paris Zarcilla came across something life-changing.

He shared his freak out on social media when he discovered a momma cat and her newborn kittens under his bed. And, no, it wasn’t his cat.

“So… I just found a cat that is not mine and it has had babies under my bed,” Zarcilla wrote on Twitter.

Zarcilla says he went upstairs to grab a sweater and was instead met with a cat and four kittens. “Am I [a] dad now?” he asked.

He proceeded to quite literally lose it on social media, questioning all sorts of things about his newfound role in life. And of course, the new dad had to cancel the rest of his day and just crawl under the bed with the newest additions to his family. And we can see why!

At times, Zarcilla got overwhelmed with just how obsessed he was with his new kids. He talked about how in love he was and how this was just what he needed to help him with his anxiety and depression. Plus he promised to be “the hero you deserve” and to hunt for the cats and protect them, which was adorable.

Zarcilla finally got out from under the bed, telling the world he was “reborn as #CatDad” and has learned “secrets of the universe and life through the unexpected birth” of adorable kittens.

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Good luck, #CatDad. We can’t wait to see what Cat fatherhood has in store for you.