Two lynx got into a screaming match and the noises they made are unreal


Have you ever heard a lynx scream? Well, brace yourself. The noises they make sound a little too human, and someone actually caught it on camera.

The world can be a wondrous place. Step outside and you can hear some truly amazing, beautiful things. Who doesn’t love waking up to the sound of birds chirping in the morning? Or the squirrels up in the trees? Or two lynx screeching at each other?

Okay. Maybe not that last one.

While on a fishing trip, Edward Trist and Nicole Lewis from Ontario, Canada had the unreal experience of coming across two lynxes getting into a screaming match. And it’s… something. Seriously, nails on a chalkboard might be better.

The two lynx, who sound almost like wailing children, were clearly trying to out-scream each other while trying to headbutt each other. One almost took a swipe at the other one. But I don’t think either of them won.

Trist and Lewis were walking down the road when they came across the heated debate. So, of course, they had to film the strange encounter.

“I think the most bizarre thing of it is the audio, the sounds they made,” Trist told the Global News. “I’ve heard similar sounds, but just the action of the headbutting… it just really caught me off guard. To watch them try to intimidate each other is really amazing.”

“People were saying online, ‘well it sounded like it was dubbed,’ but that’s what they actually sound like,” Trist added. “It’s almost comical if you watch it. It sounds like a couple kids narrating in the background but it was all live and we caught it.”

What were the lynxes even fighting about? As Thrillist reported, they may have gotten into a fight over a female lynx since it’s around the time female lynx give birth.

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With that, we’ll just add one more human characteristic to lynxes. Jealousy.