Mammal expert Chris Pratt sparked an odd debate on Twitter about bats laying eggs


Chris Pratt is slowly proving he’s the best Chris on social media by trolling all us with his bat facts. At least, we hope he’s trolling.

The star of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Chris Pratt is busy promoting the movie and traveling the world.

He’s also busy making sure the internet is aware that bats lay eggs.

On Twitter recently, Pratt retweeted something from Josh Gad saying that the pictured bat was going to lay eggs in his hair. Of course, Twitter had something to say about this and, instead of ignoring them, Pratt spent a very long time proving to everyone in the Twitterverse that bats actually lay eggs.

Don’t worry, it confused us, too. But with a heavy schedule and constantly promoting the movie, maybe this was Pratt’s way of having fun and killing time — killing a few hours talking about bats. But still. So take out your notebooks and let Professor Pratt school you on how biology really works.

Apparently, vampires also lay eggs. So jot that down.

One biology teacher even tried to tell Chris that that’s not how biology works. But there’s no way he’s taking anybody else’s advice!

Of course, this isn’t new from Chris Pratt. He’s been consistent in his weird posts, from playing with himself as a LEGO figure to this new bat discourse. But that’s why we love him so much. It’s his weirdo side that we fell in love with in the first place (remember Andy Dwyer?).

Still though, if you do a quick Google, you’ll find that bats are mammals, not birds, and they give birth to their offspring.

So maybe there’s a reason Pratt was willing to spend all day fighting his point (we’re pretty sure it was to troll everyone) and why the internet fought back (probably also to troll everyone). But also, it’s just a very strange thing to fight over in the first place.

Who came out victorious in the end? The bats because they weren’t part of this and just kept on living their nocturnal lives without disruption. Too bad they couldn’t tweet their own thoughts to Pratt.

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