10 times Chris Pratt was adorably hilarious on Instagram


Chris Pratt’s Instagram is filled with tons of hilarious pictures and videos that would make him the ultimate comedian. Here are our favs so far…

Chris Pratt is an Instagram comedian extraordinaire. Honestly, his energy gives off the exuberance of a famous YouTuber of sorts, except he’s an actual legit actor. His Insta is filled with tons of great laughs, times spent fishing and numerous visits with children to make their day.

So, if you’re having a bad day or just need an extra dose of @prattprattpratt in your life, we hand-picked 10 of his best Instagram posts. And, because it’s Chris Pratt, they’re all adorably hilarious.

1. Mindless poster signing

Chris is great at making quick, short videos that you’re guaranteed to laugh at every time. Just look at how deep of an understanding he has of comedy here. He’s signing posters while talking about how focused he always is. Oh, what a practical jokester you are, Chris. We see the irony in the situation. Also, could you please send us a signed poster? Thanks.

2. Spooky hotel

Even strong, tough-looking guys get scared, too. (Actually, is Chris Pratt really that tough looking?) Chris asked us on Instagram if the hotel he was staying in was haunted — given the eery, swinging light he captured on video above him. Maybe he should have checked to see if the air was blowing. If not, somebody call the Ghostbusters.

3. Big-ram hugger

Look at how happy he is hugging that ram! It’s almost like it’s the happiest day of his life. I can’t help but focus on that ram’s face, who has no idea that the Chris Pratt is hugging him. Or maybe, like Chris said in the caption, he’s getting really sleepy because he’s sitting on his butt, relaxed in Chris’ arms. Sounds like an ideal Friday night.

4. The cliché-of-all-clichés Eifle tower pic

Chris Pratt definitely seems like the kind of cheesy guy who wants to take every cliché photo out there. Up next Pisa, Italy, where I can only assume he’ll want to take a forced-perspective photo of him pushing over the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

5. Rebel socks

Ought oh, bad boy alert! Looks like we have a rebel on our hands. The L and R stand for “left” and “right” respectively, and here you can see that Chris did not abide by these rules. But sometimes, you just have those days where left is right, and right is left. So props to you for going against the status quo.

6. “Nicest” guy in the world

Who said that Chris Pratt was so good-natured in real life? Who would have thought the guy who puts his socks on the wrong feet would be such a jerk to his hair and makeup team? Good thing this video was all done in the name of comedy. It’s a joke; he’s still nice!

7. Actual great chef Chris Pratt

Now this right here, folks, is a culinary mastery piece. Chris made the most excellent breakfast for his son: a pancake loosely in the shape of Donald Duck with fruit for its demon eyes. Good thing his son is adorable enough to distract us from that frightening flapjack. But we’ll give him some brownie points on this one for being a good dad.

8. #OOTD

Here’s Chris Pratt setting yet another unreasonable beauty standard for everyone out there. Or is he just making fun of all the Instagrammers out there who love to post an outfit of the day every. single. day? It’s okay, though, because he’s working those flowy sleeves and sleek jeans!

9. #TBT bunny edition

Even as a kid, Chris Pratt just screams “adorable!” That’s especially true in this bunny photo Chris shared where he looks like he’d make the best bunny around. He captioned the photo as him “on the red carpet,” so this easily ranks in the top ten red carpet looks in history.

10. A pool disaster

This time on Instagram, Chris let his son take over the post. We’ll admit, it’s a cute bonding moment for the both of them! But oh no. Did his son just drop his phone into the pool? Let’s hope he uses a phone that actually supports being completely submerged under water. Otherwise, we recommend getting a baggie with some rice ASAP.

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Here’s to more great Instas from Chris Pratt in the future!  Never change, Chris, and stay goofy.