This Avengers 4 crew jacket could be showing us the film’s next logo


We could have a hint at the next Avengers film logo! A crew member showed off her jacket, which features logos for both Infinity War and Avengers 4.

Remember when we were looking at hats for clues for Infinity War? Well, we’ve stepped up our spoilers fashion game up because we’re taking a look at spoiler-ish jackets now!

What’s so exciting about this jacket is that it features an Avengers 4 logo! Although it may seem like small fries now, it’s almost like a full-course meal, given how little Marvel Studios has officially revealed about the movie.

Just last week, we got a brief synopsis of the movie that really didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. But hey, it was something.

As for the jacket, the photo of it was posted last month but has started to make the rounds now on the internet, giving fans another burst of excitement in anticipation of next year’s movie. The photos of the jacket were posted on Instagram by an Atlanta production crew member who goes by the name Bethany P, which you can see below.

The jacket, which looks to be reversible, sports the Infinity War logo on one side and the Avengers 4 logo on the other. While the Avengers 4 logo is technically fresh and new to us, you can see the design is pretty much the same as the last logo — with the exception that it’s purple instead of yellow. Perhaps purple is the new go-to color scheme for the next movie? It totally fits if we’re going to continue to follow Thanos’ story (who’s a purple guy).

Bethany also posted a picture of the production crew’s hat as well. The hat’s “A” logo also features the same purple color. The text around the “A” reads “Avengers Infinity War,” “Avengers: 4,” followed by what could be “Fixtures 2016-2018.”

The jacket’s logo definitely looks official. Still, we’re sure changes will be on the way once the real title of the movie is dropped. There’s been lots of speculation about it already, but that’s one spoiler the Russo brothers will likely keep at bay a little while longer.

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We’re looking forward to the next item of clothing that will point us toward more Avengers spoilers! How about socks or shoes? We’ll take anything that lets us know more about the movie!