25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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As implausible as the premise for this show is, it’s every 40-year-old’s fantasy, and I will remain faithful to whatever Sutton Foster is serving me. She and Hilary Duff have magical chemistry, and I can’t help but be endeared every time I watch it.

Foster plays Liza Miller, a recently divorced mother, who must restart her life after her deadbeat husband gambled away all their savings. She moves from the suburbs to New York City to try to find a job but has little luck after being out of the work force to raise her daughter. She’s mistaken by a hunky young bar-goer as being 26, and this gives her the idea to apply to jobs and lie about her age. She presents herself, at 40, as a 26-year-old women, and folks believe her. I told you it was implausible.

However, it’s smart and funny, and Liza is the universal inspiration to 40-something women facing a new phase in their life. I’m not sure I could get away with 29, but watching her do it gives me more satisfaction than I like to admit.

Liza gets a redo on her youth. Can you even imagine what you would do if you got to do your twenties over again with all the wisdom and worldly education you have in your 40s? I could take on the world.

Where to watch: Hulu has all four seasons right now, and a fifth season is coming to TVLand this summer. Once you get past your disbelief and decide to just suspend it all together, you’ll love every second of it.