25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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Gilmore Girls

Poor, sweet Lorelai Gilmore may not be the poster child for successful relationships, but she certainly knows how to make single look like the most fun ever. Lorelai doesn’t pine after a man, and she is the best single woman I know (or watch, rather).

If you believe her story, Lorelai stayed single for all of Rory’s young and formative years. If she did date, she was very secretive and did so behind Rory’s tiny little baby back. It wasn’t until Rory’s teacher came around that she gave up her swinging bachelorette lifestyle. Of course, she made short work of that relationship, and even though she always had Luke in her back pocket, she had enough going on in her life to make it look fabulous.

Like so many of the other single ladies on this list, she has a lot of cool, supportive folks in her life that kept her fulfilled and super busy their nonsense. She graduated business school by going at night, sewed costumes for the town play, organized a huge yard sale for all her neighbors, started a very successful inn, raised a brilliant daughter, and watched all the essential movies in American popular culture.

The lesson for all us ladies who aren’t part of a couple is this: make yourself happy. Lorelai is an excellent example of how much fun you can have when you’re doing things for yourself not arranging yourself around a significant other. She is her own person, in full and totality, and anybody who comes to her will have to accept all the things in her life.

Where to watch: You can watch seven seasons of the original run on Netflix. Once you’ve finished there, check out the Netflix original sequel. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.