25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you guys aren’t watching this darling little gem of show, you must amend that immediately. Its charm is almost solely due to its lead character, Miriam Maisel, and the actress that plays her Rachel Brosnahan. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and you can’t take your eyes off of her when she’s on screen.

Miriam is a 1950s housewife, dedicated to making her husband happy, keeping their home in perfect order, and mothering her two children. She is even supportive of her husband’s dreams of being a stand-up comedian, even though he’s a total hack and steals other people’s acts. He up and decides to leave her one day, packs a suitcase, and walks out the door.

In a confused and desperate state, she wanders into a comedy club, in her nightgown, takes the mic, and gets more laughs than her husband did in all his attempts on stage. A flame is ignited in her, and she starts to chase her own dreams, without her husband (and society’s) oppressive expectations.

Although the show is flighty and whimsical, it is also wildly subversive and progressive. Not only does Miriam have to push back against her family’s disapproval and doubt, but she has to buck cultural opinions about the appropriateness of women working outside the home, much less being funny and revealing.

Miriam is brave and courageous and serves as a perfect illustration of living your life for you, and no one else. Even as it gets harder and harder for her to enjoy her success, she persists, and as a result, she becomes more and more proud of herself.

Where to watch: Catch the first season of the Amazon Prime original now, and definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming season two (and the recently affirmed season 3 next year).