25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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Single Ladies

A sleeper hit for the VH1 network, Single Ladies follows a handful of glamorous and successful African American women through the entertainment and fashion scene in Atlanta. A stylized and (somewhat more) fictional rendering of the Atlanta franchise of Housewives, these ladies are loving their single life, or at least faking it until they make.

Titled as an homage to the Beyoncé song of the time, Single Ladies is glossy, editorialized version of female lives, filled with champagne fountains, man-babies, and quippy one-liners. The show can’t be taken as a too-serious look at what it means to be single, but that’s kind of what makes it great. It’s a guilty pleasure in which I don’t mind suspending my disbelief, just as long as I can watch these gorgeous women indulge their most base instincts.

Don’t expect too much substance in this breezy drama, but you can expect a lot of insanely good-looking people being grossly rich and ceaselessly naughty. It stars the problematic Stacey Dash as Val, but it’s produced by Queen Latifah, so you can (sort of) ignore Dash’s dicey future.

Where to watch: The first three seasons aired on VH1 and you can find them there. However, BET picked it up for its fourth season and it aired on BET Her. You can watch the fourth and final season on Amazon, but you’ll have to pay for it.