25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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Witches of East End

I’ll admit, I love any kind of soapy that sprinkles in a little bit of the supernatural, and I’m especially prone to a witchy drama. Witches of East End has a lot going for it, however short it’s run was. For one, it has the multi-talented Jenna Dewan (no longer Tatum). For another, it’s a got a whole girl-power thing going for it that makes me wish my feminism came with a little bit of magic.

Julia Ormond plays Joanna Beauchamp, mother to Dewan’s Freya and her sister, Ingrid (Rachel Boston). The Beauchamps, including Joanna’s sister Wendy played perfectly by Madchen Amick, are an ancient and powerful family, living in the secluded seaside town of East Haven. Freya is the wild-child bartender, direct opposite to Ingrid the quiet librarian. The two sisters come to discover they have powers and search for answers to the great mysteries of their family and town. You know the drill.

Like so many of the shows on this list, there is a sisterhood at play that makes romantic relationships feel insignificant. Yes, the women have entanglements, but they are always treated as secondary to the bond between the sisters and their mother and aunt. I enjoy the idea that fostering your female friendships should be a priority over chasing a relationship, and this show underscores it in a big way.

It’s also fun to imagine the possibilities of dating when you have super fun powers. Just imagine if, like Freya, you could conjure up a wind storm when a date goes terribly wrong. Or, with Ingrid’s power, you could dump that bowl of spaghetti in their lap just by moving it with your mind. Priceless.

Where to find it: Although both seasons of the show, based on a novel by the same name, aired on Lifetime, you’ll probably have to head to Hulu to watch the episodes.