10 comedians who deserve a Netflix special ASAP

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Solomon Georgio

Solomon Georgio is pure sex. He’s smart, sophisticated, beautiful, and most importantly hysterical. He’s a black, gay, immigrant, making him one of the few people who deserve to talk right now. We’ve heard from everybody else, so it’s time we let Solomon take center stage. 

Solomon’s comedy is very of the moment. He talks about his experiences from immigrating to America to being called a muggle at Harry Potter world. Regardless of the subject, Solomon’s jokes are piercing and yet still somehow flippant. He gives the finger to society without raising a hand.

Solomon started his comedy career in Seattle where he quickly stood out from his peers. Since moving to Los Angeles, Solomon has been a contributing writer on everyone’s favorite cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. He’s also written for Adam Ruin’s Everything as well as been featured on Comedy Central and TBS.

Solomon should have a network special because nobody else is doing what he’s doing. There is no substitute for his comedy and it’s time everyone knew his name. 

If you’re interested in seeing Solomon, he tours the country all time time. If you can’t wait for him to visit your city, then you should purchase his debut album Homonegro Superior. It’s a spectacular debut, and the cover is magnetizing.