We need a female-led standalone from the Star Wars series (and we’ve got recs)

With the announcement of a Boba Fett movie, Star Wars fans have to ask: Where is our female standalone movie?

Star Wars has always been a franchise that helps to empower women everywhere. From Princess Leia to Padme to Rose and Rey, women have always been at the forefront of the fight against the Republic. But we have to ask… where our female stand-alone film?

If you really squint, you can say that was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. What we are talking about though is a story focusing on the amazing women throughout the series. So while a Boba Fett movie is fun, here are some movies we’d rather have first.

1. Princess Leia

Our beloved General Organa has fought with some of the best men out there. So why no announcement for her own film? There’s an entire life that Leia led both before her capture by Darth Vader and after her time on Endor that we don’t know about. To see all these men continue to get their own films when Leia gets nothing hurts.

Without Leia Organa, the men of the Star Wars series would have been dead within the first hour of the movie. So how about we give her what she’s owed and let her have her own movie?

2. Padme Amidala

Granted, most of her life was covered in the prequel movies, Padme was a queen when we first met her. So that means there has to be some really cool training moments that we’ve yet to see from the Queen of Naboo.

Mother to both Luke and Leia, Padme would be an interesting character to try and tackle. A movie about Padme all on her own is one that we’d definitely go out to see.

3. Amilyn Holdo

Now there is still a lot we have to learn about Holdo. With her fate at the end of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, the only way we could learn more is in a stand alone. She’s wonderful, she has purple hair, and she was close to Leia. What’s not to love about her?

It could be interesting to see her story leading up to the resistance and it’d give us a chance to know more about her.

Just a thought — instead of more movies about Star Wars male characters, how about we see some female standalone films thrown into the mix?