Westworld theories can destroy even Jimmi Simpson


Let yourself unwind for a few minutes by just watching Jimmi Simpson give you his take on some wacky Westworld what-abouts.

For all its high drama, Westworld doesn’t really do much in the way of humor. That’s a shame because it turns out Jimmi Simpson is hilarious, especially when it comes to debunking theories about the giant show he’s currently on. In a video for Elle, here he is, throwing cards around and generally having a great time.

That didn’t stop him, however, from reading some theories that make a disturbing amount of sense.

Personally, although he says this one’s “incorrect,” the best theory is the one that involves Ford having figured out how to put his consciousness into the hosts’ network in order to communicate with William as this great game plays out. After all, the collective “mind” of the hosts is clearly playing a big role in whatever’s going on in the parks, and with all the cortical fluid being passed around these days, it’s probably like a virus. We also know that Ford could and did control hosts; Bernard talks about it frequently in last week’s episode, “Riddle of the Sphinx.” Why wouldn’t this be one further step?

It might even mean the return of Anthony Hopkins, if only to do a voiceover.

But it seems like Simpson’s personal favorite is the idea that the earliest form of William that we’ve seen on the show so far could come back as a host. We’re not saying we’d be mad about it.  In fact, the idea of humans becoming hosts has already been broached in this season. Besides, it’d give him a chance to not have to have that silly combover that he sports as middle-aged William.

Check out the rest of the theories below:

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Which are your favorites? Do you buy into any of them, or are you just here for the Simpson?