3 new parks we want to see in HBO’s Westworld


While we know that HBO’s Westworld will give us an episode in Shogun World, there are many other parks worth visiting this season.

HBO just dropped Westworld‘s second season last Sunday and already left some hints about other parks. In addition to Shogun World, which is also known as Park 2, Westworld also mentioned a Park 6 in the season premiere, “Journey Into Night.”

As writer-producer Jonathan Nolan explained to Entertainment Weekly, the point of the parks is a global appeal. Regardless of what we’ve seen in previous material, HBO can do things a little bit differently now. “The idea is you have a texture here that’s totally different,” Nolan said.

So, with that in mind, here are three other parks we’d love to see come to life in Westworld:

Dinosaur Land

Right off the bat, this seems like the most obvious one, if only because Michael Crichton is responsible for both Jurassic Park and Westworld. But what would it look like if HBO reimagined it instead of Universal? The network has done an incredible job realizing dragons for Game of Thrones. More importantly, HBO wouldn’t need to adhere to the same family-friendly restrictions that the current Jurassic World franchise does.

All women

Current political climate aside, there are certainly people out there who would be interested in seeing a world dominated by women. Like, whoever thought a female-led Lord of the Flies thing would be a good idea, for starters.

Exactly Conan. Exactly.

It’s a thought that crosses people’s minds all the time, so what would that really look like? Would Maeve and Dolores run into the same trouble if the narrative was built around their needs specifically? What if the park was only open to female guests? We think things could end up being pretty peaceful, maybe even offering some Wonder Woman vibes.

Superhero World

While Westworld tries to figure out what or who is real, let’s all remember that the hosts are robots. They were created in a lab, and, ultimately, they can be modified. Specifically, with superpowers.

Robert Ford and Arnold Weber designed the androids to suit the needs of the parks. Although Arnold wanted to give them consciousness, the hosts could be doing more than just be part of the narrative. Over time, the hosts became more biological than mechanical. If we go back to their original mechanics and create a bunch of Iron Man-like hosts, Avengers: Infinity War wouldn’t even be a thing.

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So those are the three parks we’d love to see HBO tackle in Westworld. Is there a place you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Westworld airs Sundays nights on HBO.