State of Decay 2: Zombies, permadeath, and resource management

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State of Decay 2, exclusively for Xbox One and PC. Image via

Final thoughts

State of Decay 2 is as if Stardew Valley and Resident Evil had a baby. Resource management is the main focus of the game which makes State of Decay 2 a very realistic zombie game. This isn’t your Left 4 Dead bullet-fest. Nor is it a typical survival-horror game that focuses on item management or stealth. Certainly, there are elements of all those within the game, but the final result is something entirely unique. Instead of mowing down every zombie you see, you’ll have to decide if the noise of gunfire is a risk you want to take. Instead of hoarding everything you find, you’ll have to choose which items are the most important to carry with you.

Admittedly, strategy games aren’t my forte. I’m much more likely to go in guns blazing than playing the stealth route. But State of Decay 2 has still managed to grab my attention. Exploration and fighting might not be the #1 most important gameplay aspect, but it still has a significant role. Overall, the game has the possibility to appeal to a wide variety of gamers and is certainly worth checking out.

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