You have to hear the Game of Thrones theme played on the Nintendo Labo


The composer of the Game of Thrones theme sat down to play the theme on the Nintendo Labo piano. The result was nothing short of amazing.

Composing the Game of Thrones theme a whole orchestra might be quite hard. Although, we imagine there’s also a learning curve if you want to play the entire theme on the Nintendo Labo, too.

But when Game of Thrones theme composer, Ramin Djawadi, sat down to play with the Nintendo Labo piano, he got the hang of it pretty quick. And once he started playing, he created something that’s simply brilliant: an 8-bit sounding Game of Thrones theme that really makes us wish for an old-school Thrones video game.

The Nintendo Labo is a video game component that pairs with the Nintendo Switch.  The Labo pack comes with several buildable objects completely made out of cardboard. One of those is a tiny piano, which Djawadi played, that only has one full scale.

Considering it’s such a small piano, the theme came along quite nicely. Using the video game, he was able to string together the melody, bass and even drums to create a shortened version of the theme.

You have to listen for yourself to hear how cool it sounds. Give it a watch and listen in the video below:

While it would be cool to get an old-school Nintendo-style video Thrones game, we’re not sure if Game of Thrones would be the family-friendly type of gaming that goes with Nintendo’s image.

Despite all of the chipper yarn Yoshis and Paper Marios, the hardcore survival horror game Resident Evil 7 is coming to the SwitchSo maybe there is hope that Game of Thrones could make it to the console. We’ll surely need tons of GOT extras to hold us over until next season and after the series finale.

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