5 team-ups we want to see on Game of Thrones’ season 8


With just one season left of Game of Thrones, who will work together for mutual benefits? From the Lannister brothers to a potential rider for Rhaegal, here are team-ups we hope to see happen.

Now that Daenerys Targaryen is finally on Westeros, most of the major Game of Thrones characters are all in the Seven Kingdoms, doing battle against each other and the Night King. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has met everyone just yet. After all, even in season 7, Jon Snow and Daenerys met for the very first time.

Now that we’re waiting for season 8, we’ve noticed that some people still haven’t met yet — or if they have, that they might finally be on the right sides once again to do some work together.

In the spirit of Arya and Sansa Stark pulling the double-cross on Littlefinger (with a guest appearance by Bran Stark), here are five team-ups we want in Game of Thrones season 8.

Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark

The two baddest political women around now that Olenna Tyrell’s gone, Daenerys and Sansa might have plenty of opportunities to work together. After all, Jon’s now part of the Targaryen side of things, and we don’t really see Sansa refusing (at least not immediately). Can you imagine the kind of political education Sansa could give Daenerys about how Westeros works from a woman’s perspective?

Sure, Tyrion’s been a great teacher so far, but we’re very supportive of the idea of Daenerys and Sansa working together to get stuff done.

Jaime and Tyrion Lannister

Jaime Lannister’s on his way up north, and his brother will be right there waiting… at least we hope Tyrion Lannister will, anyway. These two admittedly do have a pretty tense meeting in season 7, but it’d be nice to see them patch things up once again in the hope of defeating their sister before all of Westeros falls to the Night King.

Basically, we’re here for brotherly emotions. If all else fails, at least the two of them hopefully get to snark at each other a little bit.

Arya Stark and Jon Snow

The last time these two were together, Arya didn’t even know how to use Needle effectively. She does now, to say the very least. Although we wouldn’t say no to a repeat of the Arya-Brienne sparring session from last season with Jon in Brienne’s place, we think that the show can do better in showing both how much these characters still care for each other as well as how much they’ve grown apart in the ensuing years — and on a different level than, say, Arya creeping Sansa right out.

Jon Snow and Rhaegal

Jon Snow seems to have a connection with the dragons, and as we know, he’s also a member of House Targaryen (at least by blood). Why wouldn’t the Mother of Dragons let her current boyfriend ride a dragon?

Okay, she hasn’t done it before, but if Rhaegal wants it to happen, our money’s on the dragon over any of the humans involved in this. He’s the last dragon without a rider, after all.

Cersei and the Night King

Come on, undead Cersei would be great.

It’s probably never going to happen — if Cersei dies, it’ll be because of something slightly more mundane, as we’re not discounting the possibility that dragons are involved in her death — but it would be great.

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Which characters do you want to pair up in Game of Thrones season 8?