DC Comics’ new Looney Tunes covers will haunt your dreams tonight


As much as we love the idea of cartoons and comics colliding, some of the covers for the Looney Tunes meeting DC Comics characters are nightmare-inducing.

Some days you have to wonder what goes on at DC Comics or Warner Bros. in general. Today is one of those days. As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the Looney Tunes will visit the DC Comics universe this August (again).

On its face, this seems like a really good idea — one that will let DC embrace its sillier side courtesy of cartoon legends.

But when you look at the art that THR posted, things start to get a little stranger. Check it out below:

We have to agree with @topherflorence here. A solid half of these covers make us recoil in fear and will definitely be appearing in nightmares. Let’s rank them from worst-to-best, shall we?

4. Lex Luthor/Porky Pig

Porky Pig should not look like Professor Pyg decided to wear a bowtie for once.

Nor do that green and that purple go together, Lex Luthor.

Also, why is Porky in a barber’s chair? Why does Lex look like he’s about to go Sweeney Todd on Porky? So many questions, and we don’t think we want to know the answers.

3. The Joker/Daffy Duck

This cover, dare we say it, is a bit “desthpicable.”

Still not worse than Lex and Porky up there, mostly because we expect the Joker to have weapons on his person at all times. But Daffy still feels really incongruous somehow, particularly around the eyes… and the teeth… and the legs. Aside from that, the tongue sticking out is a nice touch and very Daffy.

2. Catwoman/Sylvester and Tweety

All things considered, this sounds like it’ll be the best comic, because it’ll involve Catwoman and Sylvester teaming up against Black Canary and Tweety. The art, however, seems like it’s really translated what Tweety and Sylvester would look like in the DC universe (in other words, they’re more realistic-looking), and the expression on Sylvester’s face is perfect.

1. Harley Quinn/Gossamer

The art of Harley Quinn really suits this kind of crossover anyway. Gossamer looks like he fits in perfectly with Harley as she tries to stop him from eating everything in sight and a live chicken flees the scene. Sure, we’re more excited for the weirdness of Catwoman/Sylvester and Tweety, but we’ll absolutely take Harley Quinn/Gossamer, too.

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Will you pick any of these titles up, or will you stay away?