20 of the absolute strangest ice cream flavors ever made

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Sriracha ice cream

At Mason’s Creamery in Cleveland, you can find many interesting flavor options. While the company has plenty of the standard flavors we all know and love, they also take suggestions from their customers. As part of their vegan flavor options, Mason’s offers the Sriracha ice cream.

With this flavor continuing to gain popularity, it makes sense that it would make its way into an ice cream. With a combination of sweet and spicy, this is an ice cream that has a kick, so it is important to be prepared when you start licking.

Steven Smith’s white petal & osmanthus ice cream

At Salt & Straw, which is located in Oregon and California, there are plenty of ice cream flavors that one might consider strange and even fascinating. While some of these flavors seem like they would make a great dessert treat, one might not think of ice cream for these combinations.

This particular ice cream flavor brings together flowers and tea in a way that seems to be a perfect blend of sweet, floral and even fruity. Whether it is the peach flavor, the florals, or even the chamomile tea, this is a refreshing treat to satisfy the most refined taste buds.

Pear & blue cheese ice cream

Once more at Salt & Straw, the refined palate can indulge in another weird ice cream blend. This time it is a pear and blue cheese blend. Just like the previous goat cheese ice cream, this is a combination that might not sound like it would work for ice cream.

However, if you love the tangy flavors associated with blue cheese and the sweet freshness of pear, then perhaps this could be your new favorite ice cream choice. While I personally think of a salad when I think blue cheese and pear, it seems that ice cream is getting the sweet and savory treatment a lot more often lately.

Mayan spiced chocolate ice cream

At Clumpies Ice Cream in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the flavor options range from the slightly strange to the fascinating and amazing. Not only do they offer seasonal menu options, such the Lucky Charms ice cream (which was available for St. Patrick’s Day), but they have even offered a Mayan-spiced chocolate ice cream that will give you the classic sweetness of chocolate and the kick of heat from cayenne.

Not only does this particular flavor bring together the classic chocolate ice cream, but it marries it with both cinnamon and cayenne for a sweet and spicy cold treat.

Foie gras ice cream

Leave it to the French to make a foie gras ice cream. While the website itself is all in French, it is easy to see that Philippe Faur has made one of the stranger concoctions on our list.

As the final ice cream on our list, it makes sense to leave it for the duck liver pate-flavor of ice cream. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think liver should not be made into an ice cream. That being said, it seems to be a much-appreciated option that even the most refined palate can enjoy.

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Ultimately, strange and unique flavors are all in the eye of the beholder. What one person thinks is amazing, could be awful to the next. Any one of these flavors could be amazing to the right person, and for someone else, chocolate could be the most adventurous flavor to enjoy.