Yuengling Relation Makes Butterbeer…Ice Cream?


In a Harry Potter tribute, Yuengling Ice Cream announces the “magical decadence” of a new Butterbeer ice cream flavor. No trips to Diagon Alley required.

Maybe you’ve been to Harry Potter World. Maybe, like me, you’re going later this week. (Am I bragging a little? Maybe.) But even if you’ve gone, the sad truth of the matter was that you could only have Butterbeer in Orlando Studio’s hallowed halls–I guess you could always try to make some, but Harry Potter never had to whisk his own foam!

I say was, because all that’s about to change. Pennsylvania’s Yuengling Ice Cream announced that it is rolling out a Butterbeer (or Butter Beer, as it is listed on the site probably to avoid copyright infringement) ice cream flavor.  Yuengling’s press release has more of the details:

"Once described by J.K. Rowling “a little bit like less sickly butterscotch,” the Yuengling’s Ice Cream take on the flavor will be made from half buttercream ice cream, half butterscotch ice cream, and twisted with a butterscotch swirl. The result is magical decadence that will transport you to another place and time."

So, the real question: what does Yuengling Ice Cream have in common with “America’s oldest brewery” Yuengling?

It’s all in the family, as it turns out. The ice cream branch was launched in 1920 to help Yuengling survive Prohibition. While it began to operate as a separate company in 1935, it shut down in 1985 and re-opened in 2014. It’s currently run by David Yuengling; his second cousin owns Yuengling brewery.

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Which is all to say that while a Butterbeer ice cream is all very well and good, I think a Butterbeer beer would really hit the spot. Nonetheless, at least this way it can be enjoyed by all ages. And, if you’re a fan dedicated to putting the beer in Butterbeer, it may be time to start experimenting with some alcoholic ice cream floats.