Why Namibia is the royal honeymoon destination that you need to visit


Namibia might not be most the well-known African safari spot, but the royal honeymoon destination is definitely a must-visit locale.

Located on the southwestern coast of Africa, Namibia is an exotic location. Confirmed to be the royal honeymoon destination, this African country could be the ultimate glamorous trip of your dreams. From adventure to relaxation, visitors to Namibia will never forget the memorable experience.

Formerly part of South Africa, Namibia gained its independence in 1990. While less well known than its neighbor to the east, Namibia offers a vast array of majestic landscapes, impressive wildlife and several hidden gems. Whether you want an extreme adventure or a luxurious retreat, Namibia offers all of it and more, which makes it a must-visit locale.

Before planning a trip to Namibia, it is best to research this location. While there are many travel guides, one good option is a guide that offers opinions of local experts. A great guide is Insight Guides Namibia. This publishing company is known for its local expert-influenced guides.

Unlike other travel guides, this travel book offers broader explanations of the history and culture of the country. Instead of focusing just on the high profile locations, it explains more about the country. Since a trip to Namibia is a huge undertaking, this type of travel guide can influence the travel itinerary. From a safari adventure to a historical exploration, this guide helps narrow down the options.

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When many people think of an African vacation, a safari is generally the vacation scene. But a safari is more than just a glorified animal adventure. Of course, viewing animals in their natural habitat is exhilarating; the connection that you feel to nature is greater. There is something simple, yet profound that happens on a safari.

Some people may wonder why the royal couple would want a safari honeymoon. One reason is luxury in the middle of nature’s beauty. Many high-end reserves offer the most luxurious accommodations surrounded by the animals. For example, this rumored honeymoon location offers the most pristine views without roughing it.

But, the good living doesn’t end once you leave your accommodations; safaris offer delicious food. One of the best experiences on a safari is enjoying a stop while out spotting animals. A quiet moment watching the sunset with a glass of wine and a little biltong (beef jerky) can make the rest of the world disappear.

Even though daytime holds hours of viewing enjoyment, the night sky is even more impressive. Without artificial light to inhibit views, the real twinkling stars are a better light show than any fireworks display. It might even implore you to put away your phone.

In Namibia, privacy is well respected. Since the country isn’t densely populated, this country understands that some people go on vacation to escape. Remember Angelina Jolie chose to give birth in Namibia because of its seclusion? While the regular vacationers might not have the same privacy concerns as the royal couple, the ability to step away into solitude could be ultimate vacation.

While relaxation can be delightful on a vacation, it doesn’t have to be the only aspect of a Namibian vacation. The African country offers several high adventure opportunities. One of the country’s iconic natural wonders is the apricot and coral dunes, especially in the dunes in Sossusvlei. Some people dare to surf down some of these huge sand dunes.

The dunes aren’t the only outdoor adventure option. Namibia is filled with hiking adventures. Fish River Canyon can be a challenging hike to the bottom. The coast offers whale watching tours. Even just driving around the country can be an adventure.

While the royal couple can afford all the high-end amenities, the normal traveler can explore Namibia as well. Even on a modest budget, the majesty of the country can be enjoyed. From exploring pre-historic sites to eerie ghost towns, you can create an itinerary that safely fits your travel budget. Plus, the country has well-maintained roads with English signs, which makes driving around easy.

A few other travel factors make Namibia a good travel choice: the country’s primary language is English, there has been political stability for many years, and several areas are malaria-free.

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