Tom Holland, here are 5 useful phrases to help you finally learn Spanish


Spider-Man actor Tom Holland said that he regrets not learning a foreign language, and he’d especially like to learn Spanish. We’re here to help.

Our dearest Spidey actor Tom Holland made a confession on Instagram Live this Monday. While chatting with his fans after hitting the gym, he revealed that he wishes he could have learned a foreign language. More specifically, he said that he would be very interested in learning Spanish.

Now, Tom has had tried learning a bit of Spanish before in interviews. Take this interview, for instance, where he did a good job at guessing each of the vocabulary words. But then take this interview with Un Nuevo Día, where he couldn’t tell a “What’s your name?” from a “How old are you?”

Since he’s had some hit or miss experiences, we’re here to give him some helpful phrases in “Español” (that means “Spanish,” Tom) so he’ll always be prepared! Alright, repeat after us:

1. “Spider-Man va a sobrevivir al fin de Avengers 4. Y Tony Stark no va a llorar más.”

Translation: “Spider-Man will survive the end of Avengers 4. And Tony Stark won’t cry anymore.”

Tom, here’s a helpful phrase to say that will ease the heart of many fans. Mainly because we are certainly crying over your brilliant performance as Spider-Man, but we just don’t want to see Peter and Tony in harm’s way anymore. Just say this phrase with complete certainty, and we’ll stop worrying so much.

2. “En realidad, no soy Tom Holland. Soy Peter Parker de Nueva York.”

Translation: “In reality, I’m not Tom Holland. I’m Peter Parker from New York.”

This one will be useful because you’ll only be telling the truth. We know you appear to be Tom Holland, but we know that you’re really more like Spider-Man. Just think about the time when you rescued that dog… just like in the comics! You even mentioned in your Instagram Live video that you said you had to scale your house like Spidey just to unlock the door from the inside. We’re getting really suspicious here…

3. “Me gustan mucho todos los perros, y quiero vivir en una casa con nadie más que perritos lindos.”

Translation: “I love all dogs a lot, and I want to live in a house with nothing but cute puppies.”

While we’re telling the truth here, let’s be honest about our hopes and dreams. Who wouldn’t want to live in a house full of puppies? You’ve already rescued that adorable doggo last week. And you’ve got your own cute best friend right at home. Why not have a house full of adorable dogs?

4. “Por favor, no me digas que siempre les cuento todos los spoilers. La peor persona es Mark Ruffalo!”

Translation: “Please, don’t tell me that I’m always telling all the spoilers. The worst person is Mark Ruffalo!”

Okay, we’ve gone over this spoilers thing a bunch of times before. The Marvel cast is always pointing fingers at who’s always giving away Marvel’s secrets. Now, you can point fingers, too, and just go and blame it all on Mark Ruffalo. Don’t be scared to call him out. He can’t really turn into the Incredible Hulk.

5. “Amo todos de mis fans. En cada ciudad y cada paiz. ¡Todo de esto no sería possible sin mis fans!”

Translation: “I love all of my fans. In every city and every country. All of this would not be possible without my fans!”

You can’t be a big celebrity without giving thanks and love to all your fan. And Tom, you have so many of them. When you support them, they support you. So what could be a better way to show your appreciation than by doing it in another language? We’re sure they’d love it!

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Congratulations, Tom! You’re now on your way to being a master of the Spanish language. The next time someone tries to pressure you into revealing an Avengers secret, turn to your pal Benedict Cumberbatch and tell him “I’ve got this. Don’t worry.” Then, hit them with one of these phrases. They’ll instantly forget they even asked you for a spoiler.