Tom Holland probably would have been fired after Infinity War if it weren’t for Benedict Cumberbatch


One fan put together a compilation of Benedict Cumberbatch basically saving Tom Holland’s gig as Spider-Man, and it makes us want a Spidey-Strange teamup.

Note: While there are no explicit Avengers: Infinity War spoilers here, you may find this more enlightening after you’ve seen the film.

Tom Holland has quickly gained a reputation for accidentally letting things of an important Marvel nature slip when he’s in interviews. Granted, it’s pretty well-deserved at this point, especially on the press tour for Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s become such a meme that one fan even put together a mini-compilation that shows just how much Tom should probably thank Benedict Cumberbatch for his assistance on all these interviews.

Yes, “thrilling saga” is definitely the correct phrase for it:

Honestly, he should probably just send his Marvel co-star a bunch of flowers or offer to babysit or something, because we’re not saying Marvel would have fired him or anything, but we’re saying it probably didn’t look too good for a little while there.

On a slightly more serious note, though, one fan in the replies to the original tweet put forward an intriguing suggestion:

Although the two heroes might have gotten off to a rocky start over some codename confusion, it doesn’t seem that out of place that should Tony Stark die, Stephen Strange might take up the mantle of an uncle figure for young Peter Parker. Honestly, it’d probably be a lot of fun. While Stephen might not have the same funds as Tony, he does have a bit of wisdom… and Wong.

Come on, would Wong not make a great uncle to Peter? Can you just imagine him taking Peter back home and Aunt May being horribly confused about what Wong’s wearing?

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All we’re saying is that Doctor Strange showing up in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 would not really be a bad thing at all. Maybe Marvel could make that happen as an apology for the emotional ride that is Infinity War.