The 100 season 5 episode 4 preview: Pandora’s Box


Fans of The 100 are returning to the underground bunker in “Pandora’s Box,” and it looks like Kane is making a needed statement about Octavia’s rule.

During the latest episode of The 100, Bellamy and his friends finally made it back to the ground. In this week’s installment, we’re returning to the underground bunker. This time we’ll see Octavia’s reign in the present, and we’ll get some closure on that closing scene from “Red Queen.”

Things are heating up on The 100, as Clarke and Bellamy face the Eligius Corporation head on. After an action-packed hour of the inmates holding Clarke captive, while Bellamy and the others travel back to Earth, we’re eager to see what’s in store for the group.

But the preview for this week’s episode indicates that we’ll be returning to the underground bunker. We witnessed the beginnings of Octavia’s reign during “Red Queen,” but this week we’ll get to see the ramifications of her brutal decisions. We’ll finally get some closure on the closing scene from that episode. After all, we’ve all been pretty worried about Marcus Kane.

Watch the preview for “Pandora’s Box” here:

The preview opens with Octavia stating that “only the guilty should fight in the arena.” Her words suggest that Kane most likely didn’t do anything to land himself in the gladiator pit. More likely, he’s trying to prove a point. Such a statement is right up his alley.

Kane’s insistence that they’re “all guilty” adds fuel to that theory. But Abby’s reaction when he questions what they’ve done makes us wonder whether the two of them are still at odds. In typical fashion for The 100, she asserts that the group did “what they had to do to survive.”

Bellamy said something similar once. It doesn’t seem like Kane is buying into that excuse anymore, though. He claims that they only say such things “to justify the horror they inflict on each other.” Sadly, he might be onto something. There are several shots throughout the preview depicting our characters in despair.

Their misery isn’t unexpected, especially given the barbaric state of things beneath the ground. Octavia, however, seems unmoved. The trailer for the episode ends with her callous “so be it” and a clip of her fighting in the ring. At least we have another kickass Octavia scene to look forward to.

The episode’s title also raises a few questions in terms of the episode’s direction. This allusion to the Greek myth could simply refer to the fact that Octavia’s decisions have released death and destruction upon her people. But there’s also a possibility that the title could refer to unleashing Wonkru upon the world. Could the bunker be opened this episode?

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We’ll get our answers this week. “Pandora’s Box” airs on The CW on Tuesday, May 15.