15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Chicha (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Living under the rule of Emperor Kuzco was no easy task. He was selfish, harsh and most of the time, uninvolved with the villagers. When Kuzco finally did concern himself with Pacha’s village, it was only because he wanted to tear it all down to put in a summer home.

Even when he needs Pacha’s help after being turned into a llama, Kuzco is cruel. So by all reasoning, Pacha’s wife could’ve and should’ve turned Kuzco away when Yzma and Kronk were chasing him. But Chicha loves her husband and helped him without hesitation.

When Yzma and Kronk came knocking on their door, Chicha kept Yzma extensively occupied while Pacha and Kuzco got a head start to the palace. She slipped in sarcastic comments when she could, and even let her kids get in on the action.

Together, the three of them created an elaborate trap to basically turn Yzma into a piñata. Chicha embraced her kids’ mischievous sides and let them go all out.

But Chicha is more than just the fun mom. When Tipo had a (hilariously accurate) nightmare about his dad, she comforted and reassured him. She measured him twice within five minutes because he was convinced he had grown, and even played along with the fact that he did.

She is always focused on her family, all while getting ready to welcome a new member in the end.