15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Laura (The Santa Clause)

Before Scott Calvin was Santa Claus, he wasn’t the greatest guy. He was sarcastic and cynical and often made jokes at other people’s expense. It’s not too surprising that his marriage to Laura didn’t work out.

Even so, she didn’t try to get sole custody — at least not at first. Laura knew the importance of a father/son relationship and encouraged Charlie to spend time with Scott, even when he wasn’t thrilled about it. She let Scott spend Christmas Eve and morning with Charlie, an especially important time for a kid.

Laura only tried to keep Charlie away from Scott when she thought the whole Santa Claus situation was a seriously harmful delusion. Even then, she felt weird about doing it, but ultimately she just wanted what was best for Charlie.

When it became clear that Scott actually had become Santa Claus, she tossed the custody paperwork into the fire and encouraged him to visit Charlie as often as possible. She even let Charlie go with Santa for a quick ride in the sleigh when he started missing his dad again.

She may have come off as uptight at times, but in all reality, Laura was a truly remarkable mom.