Your heart will melt watching Loki take a little Thor and Loki around Disneyland


Marvel’s God of Mischief showed a little Thor and Loki around Disneyland, and it’s enough to warm anyone’s heart — even a Frost Giant’s.

It’s a rarity that an evil villain could move you to tears, but we’re here to present that one rare occasion.

At Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, two of Marvel’s littlest fans got an adorable tour of the theme park by none other than Loki himself. The older sister, who goes by LittleGray on Instagram, dressed as Thor with an adorably fashioned dress, cape and all. The littlest sister, LittleSage, wore her greenest Loki dress for the occasion — and you can’t miss her adorable golden horns headband to complete the Loki likeness.

The best part of the video is how the little Loki tries to sneak around the park as her sneakers go squeak, squeak, squeak in the background. Perhaps she could pay Shuri a visit to get some silent ones to help her and Big Loki plan mischief together.

Along the way, the little group got to visit all of the best Marvel characters. They have a chat with Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora, then bravely get past two of the Dora Milaje’s best guards to ambush more of the Avengers. Unfortunately, the ambush doesn’t go too well, and Black Widow and Black Panther know that Loki and his little minions are up to some tricks.

We’re not saying this is definite evidence that Loki would make the absolute best babysitter, but it looks like he could handle it pretty well if he were a parent’s last resort.

Everything is cool, so long as he doesn’t teach the little kids how to play with knives. We’ve all heard the story about him stabbing Thor that one time when he turned into a snake.

LittleGray and LittleSage have an Instagram account full of great memories at Disney Parks and dressing up at their favorite characters. The mother behind the account mentions in her bio that all the dresses they wear are completely “mama made.”

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If you made it through the video without being completely in tears at how cute this video is, congratulations. Meanwhile, the Loki fandom will have to take a moment to recuperate from all the feels.