Hugh Jackman reluctantly shares his love for Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, but Hugh Jackman has already seen it. While he may not want to admit it, he apparently thinks it is epic.

Since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been friends who like to poke fun at each other and generally bust chops. While that was the only time that Deadpool and Wolverine were side-by-side on the big screen, that has not stopped the rather dynamic duo from poking at each other’s characters over the years.

Although Hugh Jackman has hung up his adamantium claws and has no intentions of ever playing Wolverine again, that has not stopped eager fans (including Ryan Reynolds) from hoping and begging. While Jackman might not be planning to get his X-Men on again in order to have a showdown with Deadpool, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been plenty of teases lately.

Recently Deadpool showed up on Hugh Jackman’s Instagram, singing in the background, while the actor tried to wish a friend happy birthday. Now it seems that Jackman has seen Deadpool 2 and is sharing his thoughts on the film, even if it is rather reluctantly.

As The Hollywood Reporter shared, it seems that the former Wolverine actor loved Deadpool 2, even if he did not really want to admit that to the world. In a video posted to his Instagram account, Jackman sent a message to Reynolds and the world letting everyone know that the second movie was “epic.”

At first, we watch as the actor gets himself together, taking a deep breath before he begins what is clearly a very difficult thing to say. Then, with a straight face and a very serious demeanor, Jackman says that he was only “going to say this once and then delete it quickly,” before sharing his opinion on Deadpool 2. The actor shares that the film was a “work of genius.”

Of course, he quickly looked away from the camera after admitting this and could be heard muttering that he could not believe what he was saying. While he may have very briefly (and rather reluctantly) shared his love of Deadpool 2, it seems that Hugh Jackman is going to leave up his endorsement of the film after all.

In the caption to his video, the actor did a little of his own shameless self-promotion, as he says he loves the shirt he is wearing, which is for the Laughing Man Coffee Company. Jackman calls this bit of promotion both “subtle and shameless,” before asking Reynolds if he saw what he did.

Clearly, the love is strong between these two actors, as they shamelessly self-promote each other and trade jabs at each other’s expense. While it does not appear as if Reynolds has commented on the post itself, the video does make an appearance on his Instagram story. Though Hugh Jackman’s comment about not believing he said all that is definitely missing at the end (Nice Deadpool, nice).

In the comment section of the social media post, fans of both Jackman and Deadpool had quite a bit to say. One user said that perhaps the actor is being held hostage by Deadpool which is why he is sharing the love. Another user said that Hugh Jackman’s endorsement is enough to make them want to see Deadpool 2.

Overall, fans seem to love the fact that Jackman is sharing the love with his friend. At the same time, it is also making people want to see a true Wolverine and Deadpool meeting (unlike what happened in their one time on screen together).

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Whatever we may believe about the video, it appears as if Hugh Jackman enjoyed Deadpool 2, even if he was reluctant to share that news with his fans. The rest of us will get the chance to decide if the sequel really is as epic as the first movie when it hits theaters on May 18.