Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 5 episode 21 preview: The Force of Gravity


Agents of SHIELD enters dangerous waters this week as Talbot ascends to supervillain status while the rest of the team tries to figure out what to do.

Agents of SHIELD (and myself) have constantly harped about time loops this entire season. Everyone still believes we’re still stuck in the same loop and the world is destined to quake apart.

And it sure as heck looks like things continue in that direction.

In last week’s episode, Daisy and Talbot/Graviton met up in space. Daisy fired her powers at him… and he barely moved back a few feet in response.

That’s a serious problem if our superpowered hero can’t even make a dent in the new (and sudden) big bad.

Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of ABC:

"Daisy’s future as the destroyer of worlds could take a critical change."

This synopsis also doesn’t instill confidence. Everyone is going to end up heading back to Earth. And this episode will end with that security camera footage of Daisy flying off somewhere just before the world explodes.

And everyone will continue to blame SHIELD for the world quaking apart.

So how long will that final battle last? Agents of SHIELD writers have already discussed that they’ve written this season finale like a series finale. You can’t really end on the world breaking apart again. Unless they want to keep us stuck in this same time loop for the rest of eternity.

Which would be really mean, and very Agents of SHIELD-like.

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The question remains: Will Daisy be able to take down Talbot? Or will he fade into dust like half of everyone else?