Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: A strategist and a wolf pay a visit


The plot has thickened once again for Game of Thrones season 8, which may or may not have just placed two more characters in a semi-surprising location.

Warning: Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers may burn you if you get too close. Yes, that’s absolutely a pun.

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers continue to surprise us. That’s not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, it has us pretty excited, because it means that there’s still more to speculate on when it comes to the show. This latest find comes via Los Siete Reinos (by way of r/freefolk).

The less unexpected of the two is that both Peter Dinklage and his body double are currently in Spain right now. Putting two and two together suggests that Tyrion will be at the Dragonpit. That’s not surprising; he was there during last season’s meeting, and he’s one of the key members of Daenerys’ council.

As for the other actor there, it seems as though Sansa’s body double is there as well. This would be the first time she’s returned to King’s Landing since leaving in secret. What would pull her back down there? She’s watched over Winterfell before for Jon, and if she’s in King’s Landing, that seems to imply that she may not have a Winterfell to watch over any longer. In other words, the battle for the North may not go so well.

However, what’s more interesting is that body doubles are also present. While that could mean anything, it might suggest that there’s actually going to be an attack on the Dragonpit or otherwise effects that need their presence, not just that of the actors themselves. And if Tyrion and Sansa there, it wouldn’t make sense for Daenerys to attack the Dragonpit.

So, here’s the question: will there be two attacks on King’s Landing, one by Daenerys’ forces and another by the Night King? We can’t say what’s definitively going on at the Dragonpit yet. But the body doubles make all of this highly suspect.

Photos from sources like GoTLike Locations have also shown that drones are forbidden and that things are pretty tight in Seville and at the ruins.

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Is that part of the reason because something particularly huge will go down at the Dragonpit in season 8?