How to dress your significant other like your favorite Marvel character

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Since Elektra isn’t in any of the new Avenger movies I had to re-watch the Daredevil series for research. It was a great reminder that Netflix’s Elektra is perfect. She’s sexy, strong and elegant. She’s on some grown woman stuff.

Elektra’s style is sophisticated. One avenue to getting Elektra’s look is to find sleek business attire. I went to ASOS’s website and searched dresses suitable for work and found a ton that would suit Elektra.

Of course, nobody dresses for the office every day. Even the real Elektra trades in her sleeveless dresses for some digs more suitable to kicking butt. When styling your significant other don’t forget Elektra’s style motto: skin tight. Start with a pair of leather or pleather tight pants. These leather leggings have mesh sides that keep the look modern. Pair the leggings with a crop top. Elektra likes to wear high necklines and minimal splashes of color.

All your partner needs now is shoes. Heels definitely would look sexy, but may not be practical for everyday work (or fighting crime, if you ever… end up doing that). These patent pointed flats will complement the ensemble we’ve assembled nicely.