How to dress your significant other like your favorite Marvel character

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Black Panther

There are a few different ways to style your partner in the manor of King T’Challa. The most straightforward outfit is a simple black pullover hoodie with a high neck. It seems like a lot of Black Panther fans have been on the prowl for one of these pullovers ever since the film came out. Get the look with this men’s training hoodie by Nike, which offers a similar sheen to T’Challa’s suit.

Another aspect of Black Panther is the respect it pays to African culture and traditional clothing. A nice option to pay tribute to that with everyday clothing is Jekkah, a fashion brand that creates modern apperal with an African influence.

This brand is unique, and it’s easy to get distracted while browsing their website. They have the freshest bomber jackets that would look great on anyone. Another option is to split the difference between a black hoodie and a traditional Nigerian blouse by selecting on of Jekkah’s wide selection of sweatshirts with custom African prints.