How to dress your significant other like your favorite Marvel character

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So, you like a bad boy? You’re not alone. Of course, there are different types of bad boys. There’s too cool for school, rebel, imprisoned criminal. My personal favorite is a funny, edgy bad boy who doesn’t care about anything: i.e. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

When I started this article, I didn’t realize it was going to cost my pocketbook so much. I’ve been ordering clothing for both my boyfriend and me since I started to research. Luckily my boyfriend already sort of dresses like Wade Wilson, it’s a simple look that anyone can achieve.

Start with a color scheme. As opposed to suited heroes like Spider-Man, Deadpool opts for washed out colors. Chose faded reds, blacks, and grays when shopping. The next step is to purchase a black zip-up hoodie from American Apparel online. Pair the hoodie with a classic tee.

To capture Deadpool’s essence, I suggest taking the t-shirt as an opportunity to say something witty or sarcastic. A great example are shirts we often see worn by Antoni in Queer Eye. Now whether he’d be flattered to be likened with Deadpool, we’ll never know.

All your lover needs now is a pair of fitted jeans, and I definitely suggest charcoal colored. Now we come to the shoes, the part that holds the whole look together. Deadpool, when not in costume, can be seen in weathered work boots. He has a hipster vibe (whether or not he’d like to admit it), so look for worn out leather high tops that can be left half un-laced.