Here are 5 Disney songs guaranteed to brighten your day


Disney songs have a way of capturing our hearts, and we’re looking at five of the most feel-good ones out there. Get ready to sing along!

Whenever people are sad, they have that one thing they like to turn to. Whether it be a movie or a song, it makes them smile and for many, Disney is a part of that. The cartoons helped generations grow into the people they are today.

So we’re taking a look at the five Disney songs that are guaranteed to make you smile no matter what mood you are in!

5. “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from Hercules

Meg can’t take her feelings for Hercules and sings this ballad that all of us can relate to. Whether it is because we’re Meg or we’re her friends telling her to just admit that she loves him, this song is one that everyone wants to act out when it comes on.

4. “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

Sometimes a bit of inspiration is what you need to get you in the right mindset. With Moana, the movie shows us that we can do anything we put our minds to — including saving our entire island. It’s a newer song and doesn’t have the childhood impact that some of the others do, but it’s still a song that has us belting every time it comes on.

3. “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book doesn’t have too many songs, but one of the best Disney songs is from it so we’ll forgive it. “Bare Necessities” is one of those hits that just makes you start to dance around, even if you don’t know all the words. It isn’t about anything but to just remember what really matters, and that’s why we love it.

2. “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King

Imagine, if you will, you’re holding a baby in your hands. Suddenly a song pops into your head and you want to lift that baby up to show the world the new king. Sound familiar? Well, you were probably listening to “the Circle of Life” then, a song that will make you so happy regardless of what mood you were in prior. If not, just think of the lyrics: “Pink pajamas! Penguins on the bottom!”

1. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan

Look, this one should be quite simple. Have you ever heard “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and not had everyone joining in? It’s one of those songs where you try and do every part and just have fun while singing along to it. No matter what mood you’re in, this one can brighten your day and make it 10 times better!

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Have a favorite we didn’t include? Sound off in the comments, and let us know what your favorite Disney song to rock out to is!