15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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1. Relationships mended

Unlike most Disney films, Ice Princess had a mother/daughter twofer. Audiences got to see two very different relationships but from all perspectives.

While Casey spends the whole movie begging her mother to accept her skating dreams, Gen spends the movie begging her mom to let her stop skating. Casey’s mom advocates for more practical dreams, while Gen’s mom is laser-focused on going for gold.

By the final act, both pairs are heavily strained. But in the early 2000’s, nothing brought people together like Diana DeGarmo (she was the American Idol runner-up in 2004). During Casey’s final performance, Gen got past the anger toward her mother’s antics and found a different way to bond through skating.

On the flipside, Casey’s mom finally realized that all she cared about was her daughter’s happiness. So, she ditched her class and arrived in time to see the back half of Casey’s skate. The moment Casey spots her mom in the crowd, everything changes.

It’s a moment that’ll give you chills, and not just because of the ice. A mother’s support is everything. Knowing she had it made Casey more confident than ever. Seeing Gen’s mom finally look at her daughter as a daughter, rather than a student, is equally heartwarming.

It’s easy to relate to any one of the four characters and learn from their interactions.

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