Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers saw each other before Infinity War


In Infinity War, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes share a moment that has a lot of fans wondering how often they saw each other in Wakanda.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes don’t share many moments in Avengers: Infinity War but one big moment has fans talking. When Steve comes on a Quinjet to T’Challa, he sees his best friend from Brooklyn.

Bucky has been in Wakanda where Shuri was working on reversing the brainwashing that Hydra inflicted upon him. So when Steve comes with Natasha, Bruce, Wanda, Vision and Rhodey, he and Bucky embrace in a way that left fans wanting more.

So much so that a fan asked Sebastian Stan about it at an AOL Build interview with him and the Russo brothers (watch from the 27:18 mark).

What we learned from the Russo brothers and Sebastian is Steve did see Bucky in Wakanda prior to fighting Thanos. Sebastian added that if Steve hadn’t come to visit his BFF before, their hug would have easily been half the movie.

Joe Russo added that “it was an appropriate amount of time in the past for Bucky to be healed since Civil War. Shuri, as we know, is a genius, perhaps maybe the smartest person in the world.”

Russo continued that Steve had “made it through Wakanda a couple of times… that was not the first time that they were seeing each other since he woke up.”

That obviously made fans more than excited. Steve and Bucky are one of the favorite relationships from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for obvious and adorable reasons.

It was a fun little tidbit of information to have come to light. It also brought up the idea that there is a lot of content that we haven’t seen. Infinity War takes place some years after Captain America: Civil War. That means that, for years, our favorite heroes were fighting and trying to stop Thanos and we don’t know exactly what happened in that time gap.

Maybe in Avengers 4, we’ll get more Bucky and Captain America content. Whether that’s flashbacks or them reuniting, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now! Watch Steve and Bucky reunite and fight to take on Thanos together.