Here are some of the real thirsty tweets about the Marvel cast


BuzzFeed released the “Marvel cast reading fan tweets” video and it was a little disappointing. So we’re showing some of the best thirsty tweets out there!

When BuzzFeed releases a thirst tweet video, normally we all fear for our lives. This time, Disney may have toned it down for Avengers: Infinity War. The Marvel cast took to their buckets to read some of the tweets fans had written out only to discover that the only real “thirsty” tweets were about M’Baku.

In the words of Winston Duke, he got “Disney after dark,” and so it was decided, an actual thirsty thread was necessary. Because let’s be real: there are a lot of thirsty tweets out there. Granted, M’Baku might have taken the cake, but bearded Captain America, Bucky, Thor and T’Challa also have some gems.

So we’re looking at the best of the best (or really the best of recent days because again, there is a lot of thirst out there for the Marvel cast).

1. Thicc Daddy M’Baku

When Kingsley originally posted the video calling M’Baku a “thicc daddy,” fans clung to it. So much so that in the actual BuzzFeed video, a fan willingly tweeted they would let M’Baku “blow my M’back out.” Therefore, the dawning of the M’Baku thirst has to go to Kingsley and this legendary video

2. Bucky with the good arm and tiny waist

Bucky Barnes throwing hay around with a teeny-tiny waist? Yes, please. While he doesn’t have too much to do in Infinity War, James Buchanan Barnes still looks pretty thicc in the arms, even if his waist is definitely doing the Dorito thing. Did we forget to mention the internet seems to love that metal arm of his, too? Hey, we’re not complaining at all.

3. Cap’s beard is a thirst trap

Where were you when everyone lost their minds over Chris Evans with a beard? Probably thirsting right alongside them. Captain America in Infinity War is, for lack of a better term, a snack. So of course, he deserves a whole Twitter thread. Tiny waist, broad shoulders, floppy hair and a beard that rivals a literal god, what’s not to love?

4. T’Challa looking effortlessly sexy

Chadwick Boseman does nothing to calm down our Black Panther love. Not only is he beautiful, but his strut as T’Challa has many screaming in movie theaters. Infinity War definitely didn’t help but really, does anyone want to stop thirsting over the king?

5. Gamora can snap away

Of course, there is some lady loving in the thirst tweets, mainly about Gamora. Watching her snap her fingers and trace over Thor’s muscles? Give us just two and a half hours of that please and thank you!

6. Thor can make an entrance

The rightful king of Asgard comes to Wakanda in a way that makes the audience feel certain things. Or rather makes every Avenger feel certain things. The tweets shouldn’t be that surprising, even Peter Quill was in love with Thor. He’s hot, he’s beautiful and he’s a king. It is a win-win situation.

7. Thanos: ruler of some people’s hearts

This one… might be where we draw the line. Thanos being hot is apparently the hottest topic out there right now, and we’re here to pick a side. He’s just not our cup of tea. Is he ripped and chiseled? Sure. Can we support him being as hot as M’Baku or Cap? Not so sure on that one.

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At the end of the day, one thing is for certain: The thirst is real. And you can thirst after all the hotties by seeing Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now.