The 100: How will Octavia deliver her people above ground?


The underground bunker provided a safe place to ride out the radiation following the Death Wave. But getting out of it will prove more difficult than anticipated.

During this week’s episode of The 100, Wonkru received some bad news about the state of the underground bunker. When Abby and Kane fail to open the door for Clarke, they realize that the bunker’s entrance is buried beneath the rubble of what once was Polis. And that rubble will be impossible to clear, especially from the inside.

Essentially, the clans are stuck underground for the foreseeable future. According to Thelonious, that door is the only way out of the shelter. So unless Octavia and her people can find a way to remove the blockage above them, they’ll be unable to return to the ground even after it’s safe to again. To make matters worse, they only have five years of food and supplies to keep them alive.

Thankfully, we know from the trailer that Octavia does manage to lead her people back to the outside world. There’s a clip of her stepping out into the rain, during which she also claims that the last livable land belongs to them. It’s clear that they’ll be joining Clarke in her fight against the passengers on the prison carrier. But how?

As Thelonious confirms in “Red Queen,” they don’t have the equipment to blow the rubble away from their side of the bunker door. While Wonkru still has some bright engineers from Skaikru, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to come up with a way to open the door from inside.

That leaves two options: someone will clear the rubble from the outside or Wonkru will find another exit. If Raven and the others land near Polis on their journey back to Earth, it’s possible that they can find a way to open the bunker. They’ll have more advanced technology from space, and we know the hundred have an affinity for explosions.

There’s also a possibility of Wonkru finding another entrance hidden in the bunker. It’s a large facility, and from its existence alone, we know the grounders kept secrets. Plus, it seems unlikely the architect who built the bunker wouldn’t have prepared for the tower above it to collapse.

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We’ll need to keep watching to see how Wonkru returns to the ground. The next episode, “Sleeping Giants,” airs on Tuesday, May 8.