Heathrow Airport lets us get away to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars-themed flights


This May the 4th, Heathrow Airport in London celebrated Star Wars Day by featuring a special departures board with flights to Star Wars destinations.

Prepare to embark on a trip to a galaxy far, far away this May 4. Flyers traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport got a nice treat this Star Wars day when the airport created its own departures board to destinations in the Star Wars universe.

Each flight has special Star Wars-related number and even a few clever updates on the flight’s status.

So why not kick off your late spring break by visiting one of these beautiful Star Wars destinations? You can chill out this spring by taking a trip to the ice planet Hoth. Flight C3PO might be delayed, but we hear there are tons of vacancies in the Tauntauns out there. Or how about a trip to the lovely planet of Alderaan, home to Princess Leia and… Oh wait. Never mind. That flight is definitely canceled.

Twitter certainly did love that the airport celebrated May the 4th in style. Some were even just as ecstatic as us at the possibility of boarding a majestic flight to some of greatest fictional planets in the galaxy.

And good news, if you’re flying out of Zurich, you might even get to visit Cloud City to hang out with the ever-so-suave Lando Calrissian (one of our favorite characters)!

While we are a little suspicious of the Kessel flight that’ll take less than 12 parsecs (because a parsec is a unit of distance, not time, Han Solo!), boarding these flights would certainly make any Star Wars fans’ day. And, it might make a for good getaway for fans (or Ron Howard) if Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t surpass fans’ expectations.

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All of the flights sound great, maybe aside from the Death Star destination. Which flight would you be looking forward to taking this Star Wars Day?