Jim Hopper is sporting an even better mustache in Stranger Things 3


In the year of the stache, Jim Hopper from Stranger Things isn’t safe either. Meaning David Harbour has a mustache for the filming of season 3!

Everyone loves a good mustache, and that includes Jim Hopper. From Chris Hemsworth in Lobby Hero to Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly, everyone is bringing out their best facial hair looks. Clearly, that trend has hit Hawkins, Indiana, as it seems that Jim Hopper is rocking a ‘stache for season 2.

They’re keeping Stranger Things 3 under lock and key; with everything that happened in season 2, we don’t really know what the Upside Down has in store for us and our favorite characters of Hawkins. Luckily, we know that Hopper adopted Jane (or Eleven) and that she is seemingly integrated into the lives of her boys once more.

So where does the mustache come into play? Who knows. Maybe now that Hopper is officially Jane’s father, he shaves off the rest of his beard to fit the role. Or maybe it is just the late ’80s and mustaches were really in back then.

The problem with Stranger Things is that we rarely know anything about the next season until it comes at us all at once. Last season, we knew that there was a guest appearance from Sean Astin and that Eleven was separated from the boys and that was it. Will we learn more as we get closer to the release?

With filming underway, maybe we can expect to see a few more spoilers come out. But if it is anything like season 2, Hopper and his mustache may be all that Stranger Things is willing to spoil this time around. But what a spoiler it is! Who doesn’t love a really good mustache?

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