Chris Evans shows he’s more than his Marvel persona in Lobby Hero


Want to love Chris Evans as a bad cop with a mustache? Well then you might want to get a ticket to Lobby Hero while it is on Broadway.

Chris Evans and his mustache are taking the internet by storm, but many don’t know why he has it. Currently, Chris is starring in Lobby Hero on Broadway. The production, which is based in the lobby of a New York building, is a Kenneth Lonergan play from the ’90s and truly an interesting story.

In short, two cops go to this building frequently because Bill, played by Chris Evans, is sleeping with one of the tenants. It starts off slowly, building to the point of Dawn (the female partner to Bill) breaks and uses Jeff (Michael Cera) and his friend to level the playing field.

The play basically shows the audience that cops aren’t great, which isn’t a great message for anyone but these characters, much like Lonergan’s other works. They’re all out for themselves and there isn’t really a redeemable character.

Even Jeff just wants to seem like a put-together guy because he has a crush on Dawn. They’re all using each other, and it just shows us that human beings can be extremely selfish people. The departure for Evans is what is truly surprising.

While famous before he took on the mantle of Captain America, Chris has portrayed Steve Rogers for, roughly, the last 10 years. To see him go from Steve Rogers (who wants to look for the good in every situation) to Bill (who doesn’t have a redeeming thing about him) is truly a switch that shows just how versatile of an actor Evans can be.

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You can see Chris in Lobby Hero now running on Broadway. This is one production you don’t want to miss and who wouldn’t want to see Captain America in the flesh?