Mark Ruffalo gave us Infinity War spoilers a year ago and none of us took him seriously


An interview with Mark Ruffalo resurfaced where he gave away a pretty heavy Avengers: Infinity War spoiler. In hindsight, we should have listened to him.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War. Read at your own risk, and remember, Thanos demands your silence.

Mark Ruffalo is lucky he’s lasted in the MCU this long. The rumor going around is that he isn’t so careful when it comes to keeping spoilers at bay, and an interview that resurfaced from last year is all the more proof.

During an interview at the D23 Expo in July 2017, Ruffalo was asked about some aspects of Avengers: Infinity War. The clip was posted on Good Morning America’s Twitter with the caption “Is @MarkRuffalo going to get in trouble with @MarvelStudios now!?”

Ruffalo dodged a bullet when the first question was thrown at him. He looked at his secret-keeping companion Don Cheadle, and Cheadle would absolutely not let him give anything away.

“I wouldn’t say too much, but I mean, hey, it’s your career,” Cheadle said, giving Ruffalo some free agency before he hit Disaster Town.

That was a costly mistake, Cheadle. As Ruffalo careful tried to trod through his spoiler-free review, he hit a landmine: “Wait ’til you see this next one, everybody dies!” And at that exact moment, Ruffalo knew he messed up. Cheadle reacted with a slightly angered “Dude!” But it sounded more like “WTF!” to us.

Sure, we feared a few people would die here and there in Infinity War. But didn’t we heed Ruffalo’s warning when he first tried to tell us? We were so hung up on Captain America or Tony Stark dying that we didn’t see the writing on the wall. Everyone dies!

It’s almost as if Mark Ruffalo crash-landed from space just to warn us about the impending danger. I guess it’s just his job to deliver the bad news.

While we wish we could say that would be the last of Ruffalo’s spoiler adventures that year, it wasn’t. Just a few months after, he accidentally left his Instagram Live video running during the premiere screening of Thor: Ragnarok. Oof!

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We’re guessing at Marvel Studios, there must be an extremely lenient discipline policy when it comes to accidentally handing out spoilers. Between him and Tom Holland, we might be able to get a whole movie’s worth of information out of them at some point.

At least Holland has Benedict Cumberbatch to basically be his Avengers guardian angel when it comes to stopping spoilers. We’re sure Don Cheadle has learned how to step it up for the next time he gets put with Ruffalo.