Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Silence returns


With a particularly cute picture, another Game of Thrones star has confirmed their current location … and it’s Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Warning: Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers time has come again.

If there were another season of Game of Thrones, we suspect that HBO might actually start taking over the cast’s social media completely to stop things like this from getting out. Of course, we don’t mind, just because we’re thirsty for basically any news we can get about season 8.

This time around, it’s Watchers on the Wall that has the find from Pilou Asbæk’s Instagram.

It is possibly the most dad picture ever, and it’s really hard to imagine Euron Greyjoy ever taking a cat out for a walk:

He even has the white dad sneakers. This is all just great.

In terms of what this could mean, we do know that King’s Landing’s Belfast set is ready to go. While this all may be a coincidence — and though we know Euron prefers to be on the sea when he fights — it’s possible we could see him in the assault on the city. After all, he’s one of Cersei’s only remaining allies after Jaime leaves her at the end of season 7. Euron can’t marry her if she’s dead, either, so he has a vested interest in coming to assist her.

If, as we’ve previously theorized, the attack on King’s Landing comes from the Night King, then it’s likely more of a ground and air assault than an attack from the water. (Besides, we’ve already seen the Battle of the Blackwater. We really don’t need a repeat.) While it would be easy to see Euron just burned up, to see him fighting and then burned, perhaps while he laughs wildly, could make for a good death scene for him.

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Of course, that’s just assuming that Euron dies. Knowing this show, he probably survives to the end.