Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Is it going to all burn down?


Game of Thrones season 8 hasn’t started really doing anything when it comes to actually filming at a specific site just yet, but it does look more ready.

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Fire up your speculation machines now, Game of Thrones fans. Watchers on the Wall has dropped some progress photos that show more structures being added to a familiar set if you’ve been following along with production during this offseason.

WOTW has started referring to the other side of the set as a “watchtower,” but the actual interesting bit is in the middle. It turns out there’s what’s being called a “main street with buildings at either side” in between the two ends. Importantly, the Twitter user that originally posted these pictures didn’t use any of that terminology.

Here at Culturess, we’ve been speculating constantly as to what the point of this set is — and what part of King’s Landing it’s meant to represent. Previously, we’ve leaned towards it being one of the gates into the city. It’s still possible that that’s the case. However, this double addition has us wondering if it is instead meant to be an entrance to the Red Keep, which we’ve started leaning towards with the latest developments. It would explain the major tower structures — an outer gate and an inner gate to the castle. WOTW reports that the new additions are much bigger than anything we’ve seen before.

That would imply that they’re guarding something large, and the largest part of the city is the Red Keep.

It’s hard not to suspect that this will be part of the major fiery sequence that will reportedly happen. And if so, then it being the Red Keep makes a terrible amount of sense.

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Keep an eye out as construction continues. Any paint work might end up being more indicative of what’s going on than our speculation here.