Who is the worst passenger to be seated next to on a flight?


Airline travel is no longer the friendly skies. Is there really one worst passenger that you should avoid being seated next to at all costs?

As travel costs rise, airline travel has become more tiresome. From long TSA lines to cramped seating, getting on a plane almost resembles a form of torture. Another item can make traveling even more bothersome. Who is the worst passenger to be seated next to on a flight?

Expedia has just released its 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study. With the average person taking “five flights per year,” people are quite attuned to bad travel habits. While everyone ha personal travel pet peeves, one particular type of passenger is hands down the most annoying.

According to Expedia, the worst airline passenger is the seat kicker. Who hasn’t been in that situation where you spend a flight getting bumped, jostled or kicked for the duration of a flight? Everyone knows that space is limited on most flights these days. Legroom is almost non-existent and the occasional bump can happen. Still, one too many people consider the seatback as their personal punching bag.

If you experience a seat kicker, what should you do? Sure, you can keep silent for the flight and just wait it out. But, there may not be enough little liquor bottles to make you calm.

The best choice is to alert a flight attendant. Since most people are on edge while traveling, don’t confront the other passenger. No one needs a confrontation that could get you an introduction to a flight marshal.

While the seat kicker is the travelers’ top choice as the worst passenger, other annoying travel habits also made the list. Other top choices were the “aromatic passenger,” “inattentive parent,” and “personal space violators.”

I agree with these other annoying travel situations. Personally, I don’t like the very odorous foods brought on planes. Although I do feel for parents, sometimes they aren’t being “inattentive” when kids are having a meltdown. Traveling with little kids is tough and sometimes the parents are just as frustrated as the other passengers. Just remember, you’re not going home with the child who is having a post-Disney visit meltdown.

One other amusing finding from this study is that no one likes bare feet on planes. Various websites have passenger shaming videos of inconsiderate people putting their bare feet on headrests, armrests and other places. No one wants to see your feet, period. It’s just disgusting. Do everyone a favor and keep your shoes on during a flight.

In today’s volatile travel atmosphere, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could be a little more considerate to fellow passengers? Everyone is stuck in the same plane, has been up for hours and just wants to get to her final destination. A little friendliness and mutual respect could go a long way to making the skies a little friendlier.

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Who’s your choice for the worst person to sit next to on a plane?

If you see me on a flight, I will do my best to respect your space. I just ask that you respect mine as well.