20 of the weirdest Batman stories ever

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18. Kevin Smith wrote a Batman comic

Humor in Batman comics is a tough thread to follow. It’s not as if Bruce Wayne lends himself to the comedic side of things. After all, his backstory is replete with parents who tragically died in alleyways, revenge, betrayal and an exhausting on-again, off-again relationship with Catwoman.

That doesn’t stop someone like Kevin Smith from trying, however. Yes, the writer and director of Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob is also a decently established comics writer. In fact, by the time he wrote Batman: The Widening Gyre in 2009-2010, Smith had already had a hand in the scripts for nine other comics.

Batman: The Widening Gyre was originally planned as a 12-issue limited series. However, after an extended break following issue six, Smith and illustrator Walt Flanagan decided to release the remaining issues as Batman: Bellicosity, which has yet to hit the shelves.

The published six issues generally follow Batman as he solves crimes, gets a new girlfriend, and find a new crime-fighting partner who goes by “Baphomet.” All throughout is Smith’s now trademark crude humor, which is frankly pretty strange for even a self-serious Batman series. It falls oddly flat when coming out of the mouth of a villain or even Batman himself.

What’s strangest out of the whole series is the time Batman tells Baphomet of the young Caped Crusader’s first times out on the town. He confronts a whole mansion full of villains, using a cool explosion for effect.

Only, in Smith’s version, Batman reveals that he wasn’t expecting such a powerful blast, which led to a “bladder spasm.” Yes, Batman — the Dark Knight, defender of Gotham — tells some newbie crimefighter that he once wet his pants.