20 of the weirdest Batman stories ever

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10. Mummy Batman and Vicki Vale

Vicki Vale is most often depicted as a love interest of Bruce Wayne, but let’s give her a little more credit. After all, women in many established comics properties are too often shown as romantic figures and nothing more.

However, that’s not all there is to Vicki Vale. She’s often shown as a gossip reporter and socialite, but don’t let that fool you. Vale is one of the sharper tools in the Bat-universe shed. She’s constantly wondering if maybe, just maybe, Bruce Wayne and Batman are somehow connected.

The dictates of earlier stories demand that she’s fooled again and again, but Vale consistently gives Batman and Robin a run for their money. At one point, she tells Batman that she’ll give Bruce Wayne a call … right now. At least she figures it out more or less in the 1989 Batman film.

Essentially, Vicki Vale is the Lois Lane of the Batman universe. She certainly takes on the role in Detective Comics #320, where we get the now infamous Bat-Mummy.

Yes, “Bat-Mummy.” However, it’s not quite what you think. This story has less to do with ancient Egypt and more to do with radioactive aliens. See? Simple.

Bright green skin

In the story, Batman and Robin come across some radioactive material from outer space. Their skin turns bright green as a result. Rather than rushing to the nearest oncologist, the duo decides to wrap themselves up in bandages.

They claim that it’s because they’re giving off too much radiation and don’t want to hurt any passers-by. In truth, though, it’s also because Vicki Vale is hot on their trail. The bright green skin on both Batman and Bruce Wayne would be a dead giveaway.

That green skin and the bandages are also helpful in scaring off some criminals, who you think would be pretty hardened after a few months in Gotham. Anyway, Robin eventually has to unwrap some of the bandages in order to scare off some of the tougher villains. Thankfully, he’s already painted his skin bright gold, so a nearby Vale doesn’t get the chance to make the connection. Vale essentially shrugs her shoulders and heads home, reporter’s notebook empty. Sounds reasonable.