15 Easter Eggs in Infinity War that you don’t want to miss


Avengers: Infinity War was filled with plenty of callbacks, references and Easter eggs for fans to enjoy. We’ve rounded up the best right here.

Warning: Lots of Infinity War spoilers below. 

Avengers: Infinity War is easily the biggest movie to come out in 2018 so far. Combining all 10 years of Marvel films, the movie was jam-packed with information for us fans to unravel. The problem? Well, we probably missed some huge hints on what was to come next.

We’ll start with the biggest hint and work our way down to see if we can figure out exactly what we can expect for Avengers 4.

15. Captain Marvel’s bepper

Maybe she’s Kim Possible or maybe it is just the ’90… but the post-credit scene let us know what was up. We are going to get Captain Marvel in Avengers 4!

14. Spidey Sense

While it is never explicitly talked about, we finally get to see a bit of Peter’s spidey sense kick in. Granted, it is when a very obvious spaceship is descending upon Earth but at least it works.

13. Defender game

At the start of Infinity War, Groot is playing Defenders, an arcade-style handheld game. This may have been a tribute to the Defenders themselves, but understandably (unfortunately, also) Daredevil or Jessica Jones did not make an appearance. It more so was a reference to the Defenders from Marvel comics than the current Netflix series.

We’re not sure how Groot got a hold of the game in space, but we appreciate the reference nonetheless.

12. Red Skull

The first moment I heard Hugo Weaving’s voice, I knew something was up. Then the Red Skull appeared to confirm it was him. If you don’t remember, the Red Skull was the villain from Captain America: The First Avenger and the reason we still have a Bucky Barnes.

11. Rabbit

Rocket Raccoon does not like people calling him animal names. He made it pretty apparent how sore he is about that in the Guardians films.

Yet he allows Thor to adoringly call him Rabbit, proving how much he admires the God of Thunder.

10. Flash Gordon/Peter Quill

We don’t blame Tony Stark for getting annoyed right out the gate with Peter Quill (remember, he is the worst). So when he hits Quill with the zinger of calling him Flash Gordon, we loved every second of it.

The reference may have come up short for some. Most sci-fi fans will know Flash Gordon from his space adventures. Flash is similar to Star-Lord in that he was sent out into space, had to get rid of an evil alien tyrant, all without a way to return home. Quill takes the shade as a compliment, proving his ability to let just about everything fly over his head.

9. Morgan Stark

This is simply just a reference to a version of the comics where Tony has a son named Morgan. Is it going to happen? Who knows but wouldn’t that be sweet!

(Please, Pepper better not have been one of the people taken by Thanos’ snap. We will LOSE IT.)

8. Rocket Raccoon and his eyes

Rocket offers Thor a prosthetic eye mid-way through Infinity War, continuing a running gag that Rocket has an affinity for prosthetic limbs (and eyes). He wanted to snatch the fake eye from one of Yondu’s Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy. Then in the sequel, Baby Groot has a prosthetic eye but… we’re not sure how or why?

In Infinity War, the bit continues both with Thor’s eye and Rocket wanting to steal Bucky’s arm.

7. Grimace

This reference is an obvious one if you’re a fan of McDonald’s. But for those who don’t know, Grimace is Ronald McDonald’s purple friend.

Peter Quill, brimming with his ’80s jokes and quips, calls Thanos out for looking like the purple mascot and we were totally here for it.

6. Captain America’s armor scales

Steve Rogers original scaley look isn’t really conducive to live action culture. Still, the people at Marvel recognized fan’s love of the outfit and paid homage to it with his armor in Infinity War.

5. Vision’s white look

Vision for the longest time was taking on looks from the comics. We appreciated seeing his white look, an homage to the West Coast Avengers. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Vision work this look for too long.

4. Cap’s Beard

Fans were waiting to see if Steve Rogers fully shifted to Nomad in Infinity War (the persona he takes on when he disconnects from America in the comics). Rogers’ issues pre-Infinity War are more personal than political, but his outfit does darken.

While he did not go full Nomad, Rogers did rock one epic beard. And really, is anyone complaining about Evans’ beard?

3. Bucky “White Wolf” Barnes

The White Wolf nickname from the end of Black Panther seemed innocent enough but the reference packs a punch with the series. Given to the adoptive brother of T’Challa, we don’t know if Bucky will truly become the White Wolf or if it was just a callback.

2. Aliens

Peter Parker references an “old movie” called Aliens. That reference ends up saving them early on in the movie from Ebony Maw.

For Aliens and Ellen Ripley fans alike, you likely appreciated that final scene of Maw drifting off in space, similar to the Xenomorph Queen’s end.

1. Iron Spidey Legs

Finally, we get the Iron Spider suit! Ever since we knew Peter would team up with Tony Stark, we’ve waited for this moment.

While Peter may be strong on his own, those epic iron legs help him hop around and make the most of his spidey powers.

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You can see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters today! This is one movie you don’t want to miss, and keep an eye out for these Easter eggs!