The marketing for Solo went there… that is, to red solo cups


Ever look at a solo cup and think to yourself… “I hope these cups market that Star Wars movie no one wants to see.” Well, if so, you’re in luck!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a movie with divided lines on those excited to see it (not many, per multiple outlets) and those who feel it’ll flop.

If you are excited, chances are its because Donald Glover stars as Lando. That being said, this is a Star Wars movie that is coming out, so get ready for tons of marketing.

So much so that folks at Star Wars HQ decided to go for a cheap joke. As in they put advertising on Solo Cups so fans could drink at college parties while enjoying talking about Han Solo and his adventures before Star Wars.

Has everyone made this joke? Yes, of course.

Still, this is advertising maybe going too far. We’ve seen Captain America on a banana, BB-8 on a roll of paper towels but this? This might be the breaking point for fans everywhere.

At the same time, maybe this is Disney’s way of trying to be funny since we know, for a fact, that this movie doesn’t have the same buzz as really any other film in the Star Wars franchise. If there is buzz, its people praising Donald Glover.

Still, we have to give it to Star Wars‘ advertising team. They saw an opportunity and ran with it. We might have rolled our eyes… but we’re sure plenty of fans went out to buy them as a joke. Cheers!

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You can watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25.